International Dance Alps Festival- Austria 2017.

International Dance Alps Festival- Austria 2017.

“Dance was always for me a part to express myself … I was dancing when I was sad, when I was happy… and I bring out all of my hole emotions”. Beate Stibig-Nikkanen

It was a pleasure to share not only the marter class we attended, (as «observers»),
We feeling like a family during the days of the festival.

They really dance like they lives!
Austria Dance Alps Festival.

Credits listed in order of appearance

Voice over
Beate Stibig-Nikkanen
Director and Manager of the Dance Alps Festival

Armando Braswell
Soloist at the Basel Ballet. Founder of the Braswell Arts Center

Dheeraj Asarfi
Dancer and Choreographer of hip hop and Jazz

Melanie Day
Dance Teacher International Ballet School in Munich

Luches Huddleston
Choreographer of the National Theatre of Mannheim

Dancers of Final piece of video art
Carsten Lumière Sasse & Lorena Hartl

Assistant manager and coordinator
Timo Stibig-Nikkanen

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