Show on snow – making of videos, Tirol Austria

Here you can see the summary of the event to Adeo Alpin in Austria.

This event, has been made thanks to:
Beate Stibig-Nikkanen and Timo Nikkanen Organizers and producers of this event for Adeo Alpin.
Direction and artistic direction:Beate Stibig-Nikkanen
Assistant Director: Timo Nikkanen

Mágnetika: Art, Visuals & lighting direction.

Choreography and dance: Katharina Glas, Carsten L. Sasse,
Percussionists: Johannes Bohun & Peter Stavrum (STOMP)
Drumline: MDC/ Hallein
Sky-skier: Hervé Chayrou
Lighting technician: Robert Reichle
Sound technical line.: Werner Groisz
Costumes:Gabi Hartmann & Rosa Girardi Sibylle Partoll, Gabi Hartmann, Martina Astl, Florian Wallner

Thanks also to the contributors of the skischool of Wilder Kaiser, Skischule St Johann, snow sports school oak Court, Koasapass St. Johann, St. Johann Ski Club, Tyrolean Ballet School, TMA/dance-musical Academy, as well as support by TVB St. Johann/Kitzbühel Alps

The Theatre – second part of the making of «Show on snow» to Adeo Alpine in Tirol.
Here you can see part of the preparations and «test» that we were working with dancers and choreographers to create video-art pieces .

Producer: Beate Stibig-Nikkanen
Atrezzo: Gabi Hartmann & Rosa Girardi

The Beach – First part of the making of «Show on snow» to Adeo Alpine in Tirol, Austria.

Great day for shooting in the beach! We were in Ses Covetes (Mallorca- Spain) with Beate and Timo,
making the first video-art pieces for the event.

Producer: Beate Stibig-Nikkanen